Technicians for the World

Our Flagship Project

Technicians for the World is the flagship project of Monark Foundation Institute (MFI) as the Philippines’ only dedicated heavy equipment technical institute. In collaboration with Caterpillar Asia Pacific, MFI will produce highly-skilled, value-laden technicians, for Caterpillar Dealers around the world. The project started in July 2008, and the 1st Batch of 63 trainees is on the last phase of training until June this year.

Our Training Program

The Heavy Equipment Servicing Program can be completed in two years. MFI uses the Caterpillar Apprentice Service Technicians Training (CASTT) materials to build the trainees' theoretical foundation and their hands-on training experience.
First year
• 1st 6 months of training in the facility.
• 2nd 6 months On-the-job Training (OJT) in Monark Equipment’s 5 major branches in the Philippines: in Laguna, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, and Bacolod. This is done to orient the trainees to the CAT processes, procedures and systems, and to apply the technical skills they learned during the first 6 months in the training facility.
Second Year
• 1st 6 months back to the classrooms to learn advanced heavy equipment subjects in the CASTT materials.
• 2nd 6 months advanced OJT to practice what they learned in the Monark Equipment branches

Our Scholarship Program

MFI provides full or partial scholarships to cover training costs and non-training expenses such as housing, and other living allowances. These scholarships are available to Filipino secondary school graduates aged 18 to 25 years old who:
• achieved final grades of at least 80% in Math, Science, and English;
• have a high level of interest in heavy equipment servicing and related trades;
• are determined, demonstrate positive attitude, and leadership

Technicians for the World